We didn’t Abandon the WordPress Editor… We Made it Better!

Benchmark is the first and only theme to render your favorite shortcodes in the WordPress editor.

King Columns

In-Editor Column Solution with Added Functionality!

Rendered in the WordPress editor

King Columns is the first and only responsive-column solution, to be rendered in the WordPress editor. Create, edit and style like a pro, in a fraction of the time. Nest our standard column groups to make your own unique compositions. Set the “Break @” and “Reverse Break” options, to create the most responsive layouts anywhere.

Fontawesome Icons

View Your Icons In the WordPress Editor

Rendered in the WordPress editor

Adding your favorite Fontawesome icons has never been easier! Use our visual interface to select your icon, set its size, float, border, icon color, background color and corner radius. Now you can actualy see your icons in the WordPress editor… No more silly shortcodes!

Custom Wrappers

Add Classes, Backgrounds, Styled Alerts and More!

Rendered in the WordPress editor

Add a simple DIV wrapper to style small blocks of content, add a custom background, adjust text size or chose from the styled Alert options ( Alert, Info, Warning, Success). With one DIV you can transform your content!

Fontawesome Lists

Fontawesome Lists Are Easier Too!

Rendered in the WordPress editor

Adding icon lists to your page layouts is easier than ever too! We wanted to make Fontawesome even more awesomer. And we did!


Create Buttons and Links With Ease.

Rendered in the WordPress editor

Add buttons and styled links with just a few clicks! Set the background color (inactive, hover, active), button size, text size, corner radius and add your own classes as needed. Or, select the link option to style your button as a text link.

H1 through P Tags

Get the Most Out of Your Text Tags!

Rendered in the WordPress editor

Double click on any H1 through P tag to unlock their hidden potential. Easily set the objects font color, font size, padding, margin, classes and inline styles.


Do More Than Just Highlight Your Text!

Rendered in the WordPress editor

Modify small spans of text like never before. Set the background color, text color, text size and add your own classes and inline styles.

YouTube & Vimeo

View Your Video In the WordPress Editor.

Rendered in the WordPress editor

Easily add Youtube and Vimeo videos with our visual editor. Select the size and float, then see your results in the WordPress editor.


Turn Your Galleries Into Slideshows!

Rendered in the WordPress editor

We upgraded the WordPress gallery as well! Turn your gallery into a slideshow! Just select the 9 columns option when creating your gallery (who really needs 9 columns anyway?).

Line Breaks

Break Up Your Content, Any Way You Want.

Rendered in the WordPress editor

Adding a line break is literally one click away. Use our simple styling form to edit your line height, color, margins, classes and inline styles.


Organize Your Content with Tabs

Rendered in the WordPress editor


Organize Your Content with Toggles

Rendered in the WordPress editor

Progress Bars

Show Them How Good You Are!

Rendered in the WordPress editor

Google Maps

Show Them Where You Are!

Not Yet Rendered in the WordPress editor

Added Functionallity

Copy & Paste Attributes 

Maybe the Biggest Time Saver, Ever!

Click the Copy & Paste Attributes button. Then, click on a styled element like an Icon, P through H1 tag, Button, Highlight or Line Break. Now, click on a different like element to paste the objects styles.

Ipsum Generator

A “Must Have” for Developers and Prototyping.

Click the Ipsum Generator for a random line of Lorm Ipsum (dummy text). Now, keep clicking for a paragraph. This one simple tool will have you prototyping like a pro!

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