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A minimal and ultra-responsive WordPress theme with an enhanced visual editor. Benchmark lets you create.

  • Advanced editor with renderd shortcodes
  • Create your own Headers & Footers 
  • Professionally designed template resource
  • Minimal design for easy customization


Create custom Headers, Footers and reusable content blocks with the Blocks post type!


Set fonts and colors, make targeted tweaks, turn off objects and assign Blocks to your layout.


Our rendered shortcodes and added functionality will have you designing like a pro.


Benchmark comes with 8 professionally designed pages pre-installed.

Rendered Shortcodes & Added Functionality


We upgraded the WordPress editor to help you…

1.) Wrappers

Quickly and easily style entire blocks of content with our custom wrapper generator

2.) Columns

Set your gutter widths, background colors/image and tell your columns when to respond!

3.) H1 – P tags!

Adjust the size, color, margin, padding, classes and styles of any H1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 and P tag.

4.) Fontawesome

Easily add Fontawesome icons and icon list with our visual icon generator. Awesome!

See Your Shortcodes

Note: Benchmark has the most responsive and user friendly column solution available.

Professionally Designed Pages & Blocks

The Benchmark theme offers to install 8 professionally designed pages and 1 mega footer upon activation. Everything comes linked up, styled and ready to go! Benchmark is the most complete theme, right out of the box!

(Click on one of the pages below to see a fresh install of the Benchmark theme.)



About Us




The Team


Professionally Designed Pages

Note: Each pages contains Ipsum content. Just edit to your liking and you are all set!

Simple Theme Options Panel

We didn’t reinvent the wheel, but we are trying a few new things we know you’re going to love!


Easily set you base font settings, boxed or full width option, blog sidebar location, mobile menu settings and more.


Define your custom color palette! Then assign your colors to 48 different layout objects and shortcode defaults.


Create your own custom sidebars! Now assign them as sidebars or include them anywhere with a shortcode!


Make targeted tweaks to your Header, Body and Footer. Adjust padding, text, alignment and add background imagery.


Create your own custom Headers and Footers with the Block post type. Now, assign them to 5 different layout objects.


Do more with LESS! We built LESS CSS and LESS PHP into the admin, giving you the power of dynamic CSS!

Theme Options Panel Screen Shots

Note: We kept the theme options simple so you can focuse on your Pages and Posts.

Create Custom Headers & Footers!

Build your own custom Headers & Footers with our exclusive Block post type.

You dont need 5, 10 or even 100 different headers and footers… You need the freedom to build and customize your very own!

Turn off your Header and Footer elements and replace them with custom Blocks.

In the theme options panel, you can turn off the Top Sub Menu, Masthead, Main Menu, Foot Widget, Bottom Sub Menu and Copy areas.

Thats not all!

You can include your Blocks in Pages, Posts and Widgets with a simple Shortcode!

It’s a great way to quarantine and reuse large or complex blocks of code.

The Power of Blocks

Note: We turned off the Foot Widget Area and added our own custom mega footer. 

Important Information

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Blocks | Shortcodes | Activation | Theming

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Contact Information

1234 Five St.
Anytown, USA, 67890


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